Rich Lyon

Special Inspector

Rich Lyon started with Jeff Wilson in 2004. In his early years, he operated heavy equipment on several underground utility projects, was a union carpenter at several large projects including 4 hydroelectric dams in Alaska and Washington, and was the foreman of the Mt. Roberts Tramway construction project. Already an inspector prior to joining WEI, as a member of the team, he worked on the NOAA Fisheries Lab project from start to finish, as well as Thunder Mountain High School, the Aquatic Center, and many others.

Rich enjoys applying his more than 40 years of experience in the construction industry to his inspection work at WEI, where his profession allows him to continue to connect with the projects and workers that make Juneau a great place to live.

Rich enjoys fishing, camping, hiking, kayaking, motorcycling, international travel, raising chickens and children. He is a member of the Master Gardeners. He has three children, and he has been happily married since 1981 to his wife, Joy.

  • Studied biology and marine boat building at Evergreen State College in Washington

  • Multiple certifications for energy efficient construction techniques, concrete and materials compaction testing, Spray Fire Reduction Material testing, Grade inspection, Structural Bolting and Powder Actuated Fastening, AWS Certified Welding Inspector, ASNT ACCP Level II Welding Inspetor, Nuclear Regulatory Commission Radiation Gauge operator.

  • Rich was active in Boy Scouts with his young son, he and his daughter worked at Habitat for Humanity projects in the Lower 48, with his wife he worked on the AWARE Shelter, and Rich is a past board member of Housing First, a non-profit low-income housing construction group that has completed several projects in Juneau.

    (907) 321-0015