Wilson Engineering provides construction administration and inspection services, including acting as the Owner's Representative for various construction projects. Our construction services team has the experience and expertise to provide a complete range of construction phase services. These services include:

Project Coordination / Construction Administration / Contract Management Services
Prior to the start of a project's design, our staff is available to assist Owners with the development of the project scope, establishing initial project cost estimates, budgets and schedules, and to assist in the selection of design consultants and contractors. This initial design effort can include the development of a programming document for use by the Owner's Design Team, or by the Owner's Design-Build Contractor. This initial design effort may also include reviews of the design documents as prepared by the Owner's Design Team at the preliminary, schematic, design development and construction document phases. During construction, our staff can provide contract administration services which can include the review of product submittal data, the review of Requests for Information and Design Change / Variation Requests as submitted by the Contractor, the preparation of Requests for Proposals / Change Orders to address modifications in the scope of work, and the review of pay requests. Other services include the preparation of agendas and minutes for pre-bid meetings, pre-construction meetings and weekly progress meetings, and project close-out services.

Quality Assurance, Observation, Reporting and Documentation Services
On-site monitoring of all construction phases ensures that the quality of work complies with the requirements outlined within the construction documents and any post-award modifications. Our employees look at workmanship and watch for any errors, deviations or defects in the work with the goal of working with the Owner, the Owner's Design Team and the Contractor to identify problems early and address them promptly. Any deficiencies are thoroughly documented and tracked until they have been resolved. All observations relating to the status of the work are communicated to all parties in the form of daily or weekly reports. Additional project record keeping services are available and include the maintenance of the project's Submittal log, the Request for Information log, the Design Change / Variation Request log and the Change Order log, as well as the verification and/or maintenance of the drawings of record (as-built drawings).

Special Inspection Services
Special inspection services to fulfill the requirements for Special Inspection established by the International Code Council (ICC), formerly the International Council of Building Officials (ICBO). The primary Special Inspection categories are; Reinforced Concrete, Spray-applied Fireproofing, Structural Steel and Bolting, Structural Masonry, and Structural Welding. Our Special Inspectors are ACI certified for concrete testing and AWS CWI certified for weld inspection. We have performed the above listed special inspection services on numerous multi-million dollar projects.

Soils Testing Services
On-site testing following excavation and during the placement of soils ensures adequate compaction. Tests include field moisture tests and density tests, using nuclear and conventional methods, as well as periodic sampling of materials to verify continued compliance and uniform quality with the required specifications or standards.

Concrete Testing Services
Slump, air content, temperature and unit weight testing, compressive strength of concrete, grout and mortar, and review of concrete design mixes.

Asphalt Testing Services
Asphalt content, maximum density (Marshall or Rice), construction quality control, compaction testing with nuclear density gauge, and review of asphalt mix designs.

Pre-blast Surveys and Vibration Monitoring Services
Document pre-blast conditions of homes and structures, and monitor and record seismic vibrations from blasting operations.

Weld Inspection Services
Inspection of welds and on-site welding operations in accordance with AWS D1.1, review of Weld Procedure Specifications and Welder Qualifications, Qualification of Weld Procedure Specifications and welders.

Spray-Applied Fire Resistant Materials Inspection and Testing Services
Inspection for substrate preparation, SFRM thickness, cover, and application process. Testing for adhesion/cohesion, density, and temperature monitoring.

Other Construction Phase Services
Construction staking and coordination of testing services.