JNU Snow Removal Equipment Building

Juneau, Alaska 2016-2018

Wilson Engineering completed Special Inspections and SWPPP Inspections for the Juneau Snow Removal Equipment Building. We also provided the Airport with Observation Reports compiled during site visits made to complete inspection duties. Construction included erection of a large 39,500SF structural steel building on cast-in-place foundation to house the JNU Operation and Maintenance equipment, finally with doorways large enough to house the modern snow removal equipment. Building components included reinforcing steel/concrete, structural steel, high-strength bolting, welding, special moment frames, architectural steel wall panels, and TPO membrane roofing. Much of the concrete foundation was placed during an unusually cold Spring with the use of a ground-thaw system and cold-weather concrete practices. The Project also included the addition of an adjoining 3,600SF Wash-Down Bay in 2018.

Final Completion in December, 2018. Construction Budget: $13.3 Million.