Pederson Hill Subdivision: Phase 1

Juneau, Alaska 2018-2019

Wilson Engineering provided Contract Administration, Inspections, and Materials Testing for this new subdivision which included access to 21 lots for development. This subdivision project included 33,000 CY of excavation, 34,000 CY of shot rock embankment, 22,000 CY of select embankment, 2300 feet of PVC Sewer Main, 22 each sewer services, 10 each sanitary sewer manholes, 1800 feet of 10” and 12” HDPE water main, 17 water services, 32 storm drain structures, 2200 feet of storm drain pipe, and 3000 feet of curb and gutter and asphalt sidewalk.

Final completion in July 2019. Construction Budget: $3.9 million.