McGinnis Subdivision Paving: Phases 1-5

Juneau, Alaska 2017 - 2019

Wilson Engineering contract administration, inspection and materials testing for a series of 5 residential paving projects for the McGinnis Subdivision over a period of 4 years (2016-2019), including Wren Drive, Silver Street, Steelhead Street, Hummingbird Lane, and Heron Way. Projects typically consisted of removal of existing deteriorated pavement and reconstruction of the roadway prism and placement of new asphalt surfacing. Construction included replacement of existing storm drain culverts and modifications of ditch elevations to improve overall storm drainage. Concrete curb and gutter and asphalt sidewalks were constructed for Wren Drive and Steelhead Street.

Final project completion in November, 2019 Construction Budget for all Phases: $2.5 million.