Downtown Forcemain Bypass & Rehab

Juneau, Alaska 2003

Miller Construction constructed a new sewer forcemain across the Juneau Harbor to replace the failing unit on South Franklin Street. Over 4,850 feet of 21.5-inch HDPE pipe was welded on shore, floated across the harbor, and then sunk in place. An additional 250 feet of 21.5-inch HDPE pipe was buried on shore to connect into the existing Outer Drive Lift Station and south end junction structure. The project included the replacement of pump motors and motor controls at the Outer Drive Lift Station, installing 1,250 feet of new 4-inch forcemain along South Franklin Street, an air release valve, and a new vault at the terminus of the new forcemain. Wilson Engineering provided Contract Administration and site observation of the work. The Project was completed on schedule and under budget.

Construction Cost: $1,779,900.