Wilson Engineering provided contract administration, inspection reports, special inspections and testing for two separate construction projects for a new centrally located Public Works Facility for the City and Borough of Juneau. The first project included sitework and construction of a 17,000 square foot Public Works facility building consisting of maintenance bays and administration support spaces. Work also included relocating and upgrading the existing CBJ fuel system from the downtown shop location. The structural system was half pre-engineered metal building system and half custom designed steel brace framed system.

Sitework included clearing, excavation of 23,000 cubic yards of peat and organic material, backfilling with 7,500 cubic yards of common borrow, 8,500 cubic yards of select borrow, 6,000 cubic yards of shot rock borrow, and surfacing with 2-inch minus shot rock and base course, grading D-1, storm drain systems, and special underdrain. Building work included utility extensions to the building, and all work associated with construction of the complete new building. Wilson Engineering worked through many design issues and much added work in preparation for the future phases of the continuing overall project. Added work included reconfigurations to existing rooms and additional site work for the Streets Wing Addition.

The second project consisted of the construction of a new building wing connected to the existing Consolidated Public Works, Fleet Maintenance and Administration building to house the Street Maintenance Department. The Streets Wing building is a 5,721 square foot pre-engineered metal building including additional maintenance bays and support spaces. Construction included modifications to the existing building and separate mechanical systems. Despite additional work added to the project, Wilson Engineering was able to administer the project well under budget. Wilson Engineering’s civil as-builts also played a role in the design for the Phase III site work.

Final Completion in July, 2011. Construction Budget: $1.9 Million